Require Only 1 Inspection

For efficiency, require only one inspection for standard rooftop systems on existing homes or businesses

(100 Points)

a. Require only a rough inspection or a final inspection of standard rooftop systems, but not both – 75 points

b. For NABCEP-certified installers, allow installer affidavit to substitute for inspectors physically climbing on the roof and/or have inspector hand the installer a camera to photograph installation – 15 points

c. Adopt a written policy that you support offering staff free training as it is made available by the DOE and others- 10 points


Multiple inspections add time to solar installations, requiring additional visits and hours on the job site. Requiring a single inspection, either a “rough’’ inspection while the installation is in progress, or a final inspection when it is complete, can significantly cut this time.

How to make it happen

If a jurisdiction requires multiple inspections for a rooftop solar installation, re-assess existing requirements and examine how similar communities with fewer requirements have made the streamlining succeed. Work with engineers and building officials to discuss feasibility of a single inspection.

12 Best Practices Roadmap