Offer Inspection Checklist

Provide inspection checklist that explains unique requirements beyond applicable codes

(50 Points)

a. Post inspection checklist along with permitting requirements, listing issues of particular concern to your jurisdiction on your website – 25 points

b. Post changes to existing codes, code interpretations, and inspection requirements as they occur in writing on your website. – 10 points

c. Share the changes as they occur with a solar industry nonprofit for timely communication to installers – 15 points


Some jurisdictions have unique priorities or interests that are not necessarily clear by referring to adopted electric and building codes. Specifying these exceptional requirements upfront can help the jurisdiction avoid repeat inspections and allow installers to pass inspections more often.

How to make it happen

Work with the building department to see if inspection staff have any “unique” requirements or interpretations of existing code. Reach out to local installers for feedback to understand any confusion that exists and publish a checklist on the jurisdiction’s website.

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