Educate Citizens On Solar

Educate residents on solar energy by providing information on financing options and projected economic benefits

(125 Points)

a. Provide educational information about solar options for residents through community outreach channels such as websites and cable television – 25 points

b. Provide educational community programs that explain financing options and programs such as solar gardens that are available through state, utility or regional initiatives – 50 points

c. Participate in available programs that offer innovative financing or expand options for rooftop solar such as group purchasing or a PACE-type program – 50 points


Improving education and consumer awareness remains critical to the success of solar adoption. Many potential customers lack adequate information on the options available.

How to make it happen

Explore what resources already exist in your community on solar advocacy websites and through local programs. Link to tools and resources on your website to educate consumers on the value of solar and options available. Also consider adding solar education to community outreach events.