12 Best Practices: A Roadmap to a Solar Friendly Community


Below are a variety of steps you can take to earn points for your community. Each of these steps has various options that can be adapted to different community circumstances. Click on the DETAILS to see all the choices.

1) Provide a checklist of all requirements for rooftop solar PV and solar thermal permitting in a single online location – 275 points possible  Details

2) Offer a standard permit form that is eligible for streamlined review for standard residential or small commercial rooftop flush-mounted systems – 275 points possible  Details

3) Offer electronic or over-the-counter submittal and review options for standard systems – 150 points possible  Details

4) Issue permits within a specified time frame – 100 points possible Details

5) Charge actual costs for permits and inspections with a cap on the total – 200 points possible Details

6) Replace community-specific solar licenses, if required, with standard certification for installers – 25 points possible Details

7) Provide inspection checklist that explains unique requirements beyond applicable codes – 50 points possible Details

8) Specify a narrow time window for system inspection – 75 points possible Details

9) For efficiency, require only one inspection for standard rooftop systems on existing homes or businesses – 100 points possible Details

10) Adopt ordinances that encourage distributed solar generation and protect solar rights and access including reasonable roof setback requirements – 150 points possible Details

11) Educate residents on solar energy by providing information on financing options and projected economic benefit – 125 points possible Details

12) Show your commitment to being a Solar Friendly Community by tracking community solar development and provide tools showing solar access in your community – 75 points possible Details

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