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The Time is Right to Go Solar

Now is a great time to go solar in Colorado. Costs have dropped dramatically and many homeowners can go solar for little or no money down. You can enjoy clean renewable energy and eventually have free power from the sun. Going solar is a very direct way you can combat the threats of catastrophic  climate change. The Solar Friendly Communities program, which works with cities and counties to make it faster, easier and more affordable to go solar, helps cut some of the permitting red tape and delays in order to further reduce costs.  That’s why 16 Colorado solar companies have signed up for the Solar Friendly Communities Discount Program to offer $500 off every solar system sold to a customer in a certified community. Watch the video and learn how you can benefit!


The Time is Right to Go Solar from Solar Friendly Communities on Vimeo.

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Solar Friendly Communities: Cutting Solar Costs


Learn how Solar Friendly Communities is working to reduce the “soft costs” of solar in Colorado and other states. While Germany, a solar leader, has a uniform national process for permitting and inspecting solar installations, the US has a patchwork that varies widely from one city to the next. This increases the time that solar installers spend on “red tape” and it raises the cost of solar for everybody. Solar Friendly Communities are cutting the cost of solar systems by standardizing permitting and inspection processes, and removing the barriers to solar development:




Trees & Solar in Denver: How to Avoid Conflicts


Trees and solar energy are both key to building more sustainable cities but they are increasingly in conflict. Watch our new training video to see innovative ways that supporters of both urban forestry and increased rooftop solar are working together. Learn ways you can avoid conflicts in your community.