How Denver is Creating a Solar and Tree-Friendly Community:

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The Department of Energy’s SunShot initiative website has many resources related to efforts to drive down the cost of solar energy:


DOE’s Rooftop Solar Challenge:


California has recently published the California Solar Permitting Guidebook. View the guidebook here:


ICLEI: Local Governments for Sustainability webinars on reducing barriers to solar for local governments:


IREC: The Interstate Renewable Energy Council  report on successful strategies for permitting rooftop solar systems:


Solar 3.0 is a national outreach effort on process innovation and includes information on reducing solar soft costs nationwide:


The Solar America Board for Codes and Standards works to establish national best practices. The group has published a guide to expedited solar permitting:


Vote Solar’s Project Permit works on streamlining local permitting:


SunRun’s report on the cost of local permitting:



Forbes Magazine article on cutting solar costs:


Low-interest loans are now available for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in Boulder and Denver :