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Speed Up Permits

Issue permits within a specified timeframe

(100 Points)

a. Issue permits for standard systems the same day as complete applications are submitted, electronically or over the counter: 100 points


OR: Issue permits within 3 days: 50 points


OR: State the policy on the timing of permit issuance as part of the permitting package and adhere to the timeline 25 points



If a jurisdiction establishes and states a timeframe for permitting application decisions, installers have a better opportunity to plan their projects. This frees up time and enables installers to clearly communicate project timelines with customers.




  • Here is a report on the benefits of expedited permitting by Sun Run.


  • The Solar Roadmap offers a library of resources to help communities with solar permitting.


In the City of Philadelphia, a photovoltaic installation project that meets established criteria can receive a streamlined, over-the-counter permit. For special cases or those that do not meet the criteria, a standard permit will be submitted, requiring 20 business days for approval. For an additional fee, a standard permit can be expedited.


How to make it happen

Strive to issue permits the same day or within three days of application submittal. If this is not possible, state a firm policy on how long permits will take on your jurisdiction’s permitting website.