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Post Requirements

Provide a checklist of all requirements for rooftop solar PV and solar thermal permitting in a single online location

275 points total possible


a. Provide checklists of all community requirements for PV and post them online at your community website: 100 points
Examples: Boulder County PV Checklist   Arvada PV Checklist


b. Provide checklists of all community requirements for solar thermal and post them online at your community website: 100 points

Example: Boulder County Solar Thermal Checklist


c. Designate a solar coordinator as the community lead tasked with community outreach and internal coordination among departments : 50 points


d. Provide a designated solar permitting page with information on how permits are processed and links to other related entities. Include utility interconnection procedures, applicable rebate programs, and other solar incentive programs. Post updates on available webinars and other training opportunities available to permitting officials and industry. 25 points


Hosting up to date solar requirements in a single online location is one of the simplest, easiest ways to make sure installers and customers submit the right information on the right forms the first time. This will save everyone involved in the process time and money.



  • The city of Westminster has developed a detailed list of inspection requirements unique to PV systems.  Get the details
  • Boulder County offers simple and easy to use permitting checklists that represent different approaches to this best practice. Details




IREC’s report on local approaches to permitting is a tool that can help jurisdictions ensure safe and efficient permitting procedures in their community. Interstate Renewable Energy Council. Sharing Success: Emerging Approaches to Efficient Solar Rooftop Permitting (May 2012).

  • Example of how a larger jurisdiction (San Diego) lets people know where and under what name to look for solar permitting support. The county developed this chart to help with the task. A similar approach was taken in southern Arizona.
  • The Department of Energy has developed a comprehensive document summarizing key actions that local governments can take to make their communities more solar friendly. Get the details
  • How to make it happen

    Check out the permitting checklists online using the links above. Then, see where your current solar-related documentation is hosted and map out the different web pages, if applicable. Talk to your community’s webmaster about consolidating the information.