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Narrow Inspection Timeframe

Specify a narrow time window for system inspection

(75 Points)

a. Give installers a timeframe window of two hours or less when scheduling an inspection : 50 points


OR: Allow installers to schedule next day inspections with a morning or afternoon window of time – 15 points

b. Allow installers to track progress and timing of inspections through telephone or web-based system – 25 points


Many communities have unpredictable timelines for when an inspector will come to a job site. That makes it hard for solar installers to plan their projects. By narrowing the window for a system inspection, installers can spend less time waiting on job sites, and that directly translates to cost savings.




How to make it happen

Start the conversation with the building department and assess the current policy inspection window. Reach out to local solar contractors to see what’s working well and what could be improved upon.